Sober Without God: Love, Honesty, and the Pursuit of a Good Life


I have spent the majority of my years on this earth castigating myself for my lack of restraint and poor decision-making, allowing my own weaknesses a drunken pass to design a lesser life. If I am to move forward into a future in which I can both believe and love, a future in which those I care about can also believe and love, sobriety is not an option, and I truly and honestly trust that I can be sober without surrendering myself as powerless before a deity in which I have no faith.

How I Became a Conflicted Omnivore


Meat became much more than just meat for me that day. It has become a real and living issue about love and humanity and a concern about how the way we extend ourselves into the world becomes, in turn, what we are. We become what we do, and what we do is terrible.

Oh, To Be A Drunk Methuselah

Old Foot

As the sock was pulled along her leg and past her ankle, a fine cloud of dry skin, speckled with larger flakes, sprung into the air. Breathing solely through my mouth had solved the foot funk problem, but it backfired when it came to flying skin. I felt a large flake fly past my uvula and stick to the back of my throat. Death snuck in under cover of old lady skin.

My Dentist was a Sadist


Back in the day, when I was a naïve little kid who loved to pick out her very own jeweled rings from the receptionist’s desk after getting a filling, I had not yet plumbed the depths of pain and fear brought on by forcible tooth extraction…with no anesthetic!