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Halong Bay 2

Halong Bay, Vietnam: Two Days And A Night

My visit to Halong Bay in the north of Vietnam was one of those few visits where reality lived up to my expectations. All the pictures and stories from the travel promotions were dead accurate. This was not a place of beaches and rolling waves - this was a place of geographic drama on a grand scale.

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Is Kindness Enough for Effective Dog Training?

Brown Dog

There is a trend in modern dog training toward kinder, more dog-friendly training methods. Training that seeks to remove everything unpleasant for the dog and to make learning more enjoyable. But is kindness enough to teach our dogs? Is there more to being effective trainers than just being kind to our dogs and not using force?

The Real Magic

Proof of a caring legend to a little girl!

“There’s no way!” she says, as she explains that during the show he might throw out some souvenir guitar picks or after the show, autograph some official photos; but as to actually placing his signature on someone’s guitar?…

Pedaling to Pedlars in Hanoi

Cycle rickshaw in Hanoi

If you want to place yourself at arms length from the street sellers and enjoy the ebb and flow of Hanoi's city traffic while you are hunting for bargains, a three-wheeled cyclo, or pedi-cab, is the way to go.

Why Science Needs Philosophy


Science does not need philosophy in every detail or experiment; but it needs it around the edges and sometimes in its methodology. Philosophy helps us to better understand how science works, how scientific laws and theories fit into our worldviews, and the place of humans in nature.

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

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