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A Journey to Spirit #15: Robert

Robert, Jack and Yellow Hair

I was thirty six. It was July, 1987. It was an unusually warm night and I remember the sweet soft breeze that followed me around that summer like it was yesterday. Liz, a long-time family friend, invited me to join her with a couple of other friends at the annual County Fair Dance. And she wanted to show off her new guy.

The Truth About Maps

Office and a Laughing Girl by Jan Vermeer van Delft

The great lie that maps cure us of is that you can separate imagination from reality. People claim maps are built with mathematics, statistics, and outlines of the real, actual landscape. However, in my view, maps are like love. They take things in, rearrange it all, and then present to the world an image part truth, and part imagination.

Autism is a Whole Body Condition


One of the perplexing problems of childhood autism is the presence of a myriad of symptoms that make it difficult to live in their own skin, hear the sounds around them, digest their food, and enjoy normal sleep. Here we discuss these issues of 'sense-disconnect' and how to start reconnecting these kids.

The New Kid In Town

The New Kid In Town

It’s not every day that a child is born who changes the way you are living to such a degree and in such a profound way that you have no idea what day it is or what time it is, and you don’t really care.

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

Artist for Conservation in Africa

Elephant by ANicholls

Conflict between people & wildlife over natural resources is rising all over the world and Africa is no exception. In places where people see few benefits and many disadvantages from living with wildlife, that wildlife stands little hope of surviving.

North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre


This brings us to the word 'Passion'. We knew that to have a "Good Life" we needed to love what we did. We knew everything that we didn't like so we set our sights on the outrageous or unique project that no one else would think of. It became our passion to care for animals and humans alike.

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