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Dogs, Behaviour, and Motivation


Motivation is a complex topic. Proponents of operant conditioning would point to simple rewards and punishments delivered to the animal as the way to get reliable behaviour from our dogs. But is that the end of the story? New research on human motivation may shed some light on the internal motivations of dogs and why things work differently than we think.

The Memory Bowl

The Memory Bowl

At a time when I needed my family and friends the most, they were there. A story of love, and how a wooden bowl became a symbol of everything beautiful at a time when it felt like life was anything but.

Touring A Cursed Island

Replica of a mysteriously inscribed stone found within the Oak Island money pit.

Oak Island is one of 360 islands that dot Nova Scotia's Mahone Bay. It is unique in that it is the only one blanketed with oak trees...and it has been linked to everything from the Holy Grail to Captain Kidd to William Shakespeare.

A Map of Guidance

You'll go to the paper towns and you'll never come back

Maps are guides that take us not only from point A to point B and back again, but can bring us to places far beyond our perspective of what may lie ahead.

Harvest – A Music Festival For Humans

Michael Franti & Spearhead at 2013 Harvest Jazz & Blues Fest

If the Beach Boys and John Lennon had a baby, it would be this surfer, tattooed flower child spreading his message of peace and love. His guitarist could be a leather-clad punk, but Franti’s lyrics and stage presence offer equal counterpoint.

Gone Is Just A Word

Mom and me

It was a typical day at home, doing typical things…making meals, doing a little gardening and getting around to some long-overdue projects. These are times when I love to just let my mind wander…but on this day, all I could think about was my Mother.

Life Review: Discovering Your Own Story

Life Review: Discovering Your Own Story

When I read my first “story” to the rest of my small group on the first day of Life Review, I was stunned at the difference between writing something about myself and “putting it out there” by reading or “telling” the story to a small group of trusted people.

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

Making A Difference: Cause Canada

Low Water & Alpine Glow on Rundle

Being in the midst of this place I get to go out and capture the incredible mixture of light and natural environment subject matter this place provides. I readily admit I am spoiled, with Banff National Park as my back yard, I just leave my house and walk, ski or ride into this wilderness in barely minutes!

Artist for Conservation in Africa

Elephant by ANicholls

Conflict between people & wildlife over natural resources is rising all over the world and Africa is no exception. In places where people see few benefits and many disadvantages from living with wildlife, that wildlife stands little hope of surviving.

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