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Cockfighting – Filipino Style

Although cock fighting has been declared illegal in most countries in the world, it's still the national Sunday afternoon pastime in the Philippines. My visit to the Limcua Juanay Memorial Cockpit in Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines was an experience that showed me once again how thin our veneer of civilization truly is.

10 Sure Signs You are Ready to Buy a Home

10 Sure Signs You Are Ready to Buy a Home

You have paid months' and months' worth of rent, dealt with difficult landlords and listened to noisy neighbors fight at two in the morning. You are hoping to become a homeowner, but you may be wondering if you are ready to take the plunge. Here are ten sure signs you may be ready to purchase a home.

Chefs for Oceans

Sea farmers in Ilse de la Madeleine, Quebec are experimenting with farming scallops, a more sustainable practice than fishing wild stocks.

When Ned Bell discovered just how damaged and endangered fish habitat in and around Canada has become, the Executive Chef became an activist, biking 8700 kms in just 10 weeks across the country to raise awareness about the issue.

Go Wild in Tasmania

Roaring 40s Ocean Kayaking Bathurst Harbour Credit Matthew Newton (Tourism Tasmania)

The Western Tasmanian Wilderness Area was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 1982, taking its place alongside iconic Australian regions including Queensland’s Fraser Island and Great Barrier Reef and Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory.

Marketing Ourselves

Self Love tattoo

The human tendency to self cherish is the main dish of our existence. Humans have been eating it up, probably since the beginning of our species. In addition to the main dish is a set of side dishes called consumerism, capitalism, and commodification. Ever seductive, they add endless flavors and textures onto the main dish. I suppose it might be the case that plain old self cherishing gets kind of dull after awhile. It's so much more exciting to be the hot, new product on the block. Or the respected, reliable old one.

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

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