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Reading as Reset

Most of us know how to reset our computers and other tech devices but how do we reset ourselves? I don’t mean things like our body clock -- every seasoned traveler has their own way to combat jet-lag -- but what happens when our mind gets clogged?

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A Winter Herbal Meditation


There's something calming about this time of year. The darkness invites a slowing down that our hyper-speed culture rejects the rest of the time. The browns and greys that fill the landscape call out for us to see beyond the surface, to imagine beyond the image we have of being alive.

Your Heart’s Desire


If you feel stuck in patterns or a relationship, if you are afraid to take risks because of the hurts you've experienced in the past, then it's time to pause.

The Money Game

The Money Game

Mr. O’Toole sat on his couch in his living room looking down the barrel of a thirty-eight special. Mr. Handerman addressed him again, “Mr. Link wants his money and he wants it now, Mr. O’Toole, so unless you want me to unload this chamber in your head you best pay up, now!”

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

Making A Difference: Cause Canada

Low Water & Alpine Glow on Rundle

A Life As A Human Interview: Being in the midst of this place I get to go out and capture the incredible mixture of light and natural environment subject matter this place provides. I readily admit I am spoiled, with Banff National Park as my back yard, I just leave my house and walk, ski or ride into this wilderness in barely minutes!

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