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Last of the Headhunters

Iban chief

We sit with the last of the headhunters. Deep in the mountain jungles of Sarawak in north Borneo, one hour upstream from the nearest township, darkness has fallen and we have just witnessed a warrior dancing demonstration on grass mats inside the Iban tribe’s traditional longhouse which holds 20 families – about 200 people.

Jessica’s Head

The Head

Sure the specimen had been nibbled by a few rodents and one or two bug larvae had migrated their way across the face…but considering how old it was the head looked surprisingly good.

Mother Canada Could Die

Mother Canada

Nicknamed “Mother Canada,” construction of the memorial, including an enormous statue of a draped female figure with arms outstretched towards... Europe, is scheduled to begin this fall. The project is now in doubt, in part because of three developments in this story over the past two months.

The Wonders of Rose Hips

Rose hips are the tasty end-point fruits that follow the flowering of roses. They're so loaded with vitamin C that they outrank oranges by a two-to-one margin. They also contain vitamin A, calcium, iron and other beneficial minerals.

The Mystery of the Plain of Jars, Laos


When I first saw Site 1 at the Plain of Jars, I was struck by how nonchalantly the 250 huge stone jars there were scattered across the landscape. All of them seemed to be planted about one-third below ground level and tossed at an angle, but not always the same angle nor in the same direction. The mystery is that no one knows what the purpose of the jars was.

The Agility of the Average Dog


Anyone who has let their dogs have a good run around knows just how agile dog are. Whether they are romping through the woods, narrowly avoiding collisions at the dog park, or playing the sport of dog agility, dogs seem to be masters of the running/jumping/turning thing. It doesn't take much effort to teach them to use their powers for "good" on an agility course.

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

Making A Difference: Katie Mogan Graham – Global Mothers

Co-founders, Peter Mogan and his daughter, Katie Mogan Graham, visiting artisans in rural Bangladesh

A Life As A Human Interview: We believe that every product has a story, and that this story should be told. Global Mothers works with NGOs in the Global South, helping artisans design and make fair trade products for women and children in North America. We are committed to sharing the stories of our artisans with our customers, and vice versa. Help artisans in the Global South care for their families and communities by choosing to Buy Good.

Making A Difference: Jane McIntosh – Mercy Ships

Jane McIntosh

A Life As A Human Interview: Jane McIntosh has always had a passion for carrying out the work of transforming lives, so much so that she traded in her home on Pender Island, British Columbia for one of a different kind - the Africa Mercy, a giant hospital ship that delivers free, world-class health care services, capacity building and sustainable development to those without access in the developing world.

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