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A Journey to Spirit #18: Caught by the Rain

Robert and I

It would be a wet, rainy weekend, and no one loved the antics, rain or shine, more than Robert. It was Friday, and the rain would continue throughout the night. The sound of rain to this day reminds me of this night. As daylight approached, we were snapped out of our sleep by a pounding on the door.

Houseboating with Friends

Forrest finds leaves

When I heard about Lakeway Houseboats on the St. John River in New Brunswick, I immediately started dreaming and scheming. When Canadian Geographic Travel magazine agreed to take the story based on the St. John’s recent designation as a Canadian Heritage River and two sets of friends agreed to come along.

Full Frame 35mm or Crop Sensor?

Eggleston Abbey Undercroft, Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham - See more at httpwww.photoboffin.co.ukgalleries#sthash.ucaLxTER.dpuf

Crop Sensor ... The implication is that 35mm is the holy grail of digital formats to which we all must aspire, and smaller formats are mere crops of the "real deal". APS-C and 4/3 or no more crops of 35mm than 35mm is a crop of medium format. Each is its own format ....

Free Will: Who Owns Yours? Part 1

Screen shot from CBC The Nature of Things

In the battle between free will human consciousness, and blind will parasitic a-consciousness, the battlefield is the mind of the host. And perhaps the deciding factor as to whether or not we will keep our free will, will depend entirely on how much we wish to keep it.

Earth Risin’

Abandoned Boy London 1945

There are things we cannot understand in this world. We try to find some place within or hearts to come to peace with the reality of those that continually divide us as humans, and as result destroying the "all." Until we see one tribe, we will continue on a path of human destruction. This poem is a way for the writer to come to terms within herself and a need to see the end of killing. When youth are killed, a great consciousness is torn apart as well.

The Surreal Housewife: The Last Word

My future ancestral burial grounds.

Why leave it to your grieving relatives, who will be furiously looking for your will, to make important decisions? Regardless of how comfortable you are thinking about your own demise, isn’t it your responsibility? And besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have the last word, once and for all?

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

Making A Difference: Cause Canada

Low Water & Alpine Glow on Rundle

Being in the midst of this place I get to go out and capture the incredible mixture of light and natural environment subject matter this place provides. I readily admit I am spoiled, with Banff National Park as my back yard, I just leave my house and walk, ski or ride into this wilderness in barely minutes!

Artist for Conservation in Africa

Elephant by ANicholls

Conflict between people & wildlife over natural resources is rising all over the world and Africa is no exception. In places where people see few benefits and many disadvantages from living with wildlife, that wildlife stands little hope of surviving.

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