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The Impact of Sitting Volleyball: Part One

The Manchester Marvels sitting volleyball team

When he came to, in a tragic trick of the light, his left thigh slept numb and scarred. But this was no trick. Perhaps looking upon it was like looking upon the hilt of a broken sword - the blade snapped and lost with just a small, jagged shard jutting from the crossguard. For Paul Ledward, everything had changed.

Dear Island

Melinda-Dear Island2

She’s lost in the all and her island drum, the one that travels through her writing, begs to be heard, to give the waters back their movements. She was island, the sound and the rhythm in each stanza flowed from the need to be emerged in water, and her freedom lived in her subconscious need to live on the island she called her home, Newfoundland.

Fire Junkies

Nathan-Fire Junkies

The lifelong romance - the friend that will stick with us through thick and thin - the championship team that exceeds everyone’s expectations. So many of us struggle with a mind of lack, which not only leads us to miss much of the greatness already in our lives but also drives us to chase phantoms.

The White Temple: A Buddhist Temple Unlike Any Other

The White Temple

The White Temple near Chiang Rai, Thailand, is an extraordinary piece of Buddhist architecture. Although the temple shares many of the same architectural constructs found in all other Buddhist temples, this temple is dramatically unique in almost every other respect. This stunning, twinkling temple has a fairy-tale look to it that belies its deep religious purpose. Tourists in northern Thailand should put the White Temple on their 'must see' list of places to visit.

The Lion And The Rose

The Lion and the Rose

While it sounds like it should be located in the fictional land of Westeros (from the hit HBO series 'Game of Thrones' for the uninitiated), this exquisite Victorian B&B is in fact safely ensconced within the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

Making A Difference: Faizel Kathrada and the Freedom Factory Foundation

The Freedom Factory Foundation

A Life As A Human Interview: Freedom Factory Foundation is a Canadian non-profit that supports factories that are socially compliant, respectful of their employees and give back dignity and value to them. Our network of associates focus on choosing these companies with the intention of making sure we are giving back in every step of the process, from the manufacturing of garments to the point of sale.

Art Heals

Eye of the Storm, oil on canvas, 180 x 180 cm

I’d never planned on being “an artist”. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Becoming an artist was a definite career path that I’d been thinking quite deeply about… when I was about seven years old. That year I’d also decided I wanted to be an astronaut, a lion tamer and a millionaire.

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