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Elkington House at Oak Park - Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

A Settler’s Story

Built in 1894 to replace a home that suddenly burnt to the ground one night, Elkington House at Oak Park is one of Cowichan Valley’s best kept secrets. It’s also one of our most beloved treasures.

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The Allure of Tres Leches

Finished product

When I first met Tres Leches, I was aloof and disinterested. Left alone in a room together, however, we were forced to get to know each other better. It beckoned me closer. Tempted, I leaned in. It brushed my lips softly and against my will I savored its sweetness. It was love at first bite.

My Nickname: A Cautionary Tale

Minnesota Fall Day

We have seen the devastation that racism can perpetrate when the ignorance and hate embedded within it are allowed to fester in silence at the margins of our society. But where does this sort of racism come from? I was introduced to the awfulness of the concept and its racialized words and their effect at our family dinner table.

The 5 C’s And The New Workforce


I was asked for an opinion on the difference between today’s workforce and the workforce of 10 and 20 years ago. While it would be easy to roll my eyes and pigeonhole groups as gen x-y-z, I don’t think that’s overly helpful or accurate. From experience, I think there are five major differences which are largely the product of social shifts and trends.

Discipline or Regret – A Father’s Decision

David Knapp-Fisher

During end-of-life reflection, many people express regret for opportunities missed. Here, a father explains his efforts to avoid this scenario and shares the surprising source of his inspiration. David Knapp-Fisher is a father, husband and writer. He has three passions: family, world travel and sharing his story.

Meet Some People Who Make A Difference

Artist for Conservation in Africa

Elephant by ANicholls

A Life As A Human Interview: Conflict between people & wildlife over natural resources is rising all over the world and Africa is no exception. In places where people see few benefits and many disadvantages from living with wildlife, that wildlife stands little hope of surviving.

Making A Difference: Katie Mogan Graham – Global Mothers

Co-founders, Peter Mogan and his daughter, Katie Mogan Graham, visiting artisans in rural Bangladesh

A Life As A Human Interview: We believe that every product has a story, and that this story should be told. Global Mothers works with NGOs in the Global South, helping artisans design and make fair trade products for women and children in North America. We are committed to sharing the stories of our artisans with our customers, and vice versa. Help artisans in the Global South care for their families and communities by choosing to Buy Good.

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