Can Your Children Be Honest?

Can Your Children Be Honest?

Adolescence, the period of a child’s life when they are most vulnerable to outside influences, is rightfully a scary time for parents. Children of this age become the target of many negative influences while at the same time experiencing hormones that are raging out of control. The only influence that they seemingly become deafened to is that of their parents.

Happily Ever After


I would like to put forward the proposition that every mother omit fairy-tales from their daughters’ reading list. Why? Because many girls develop a Cinderella Syndrome which they carry into adult life. They wait for Prince Charming or a knight in shining armour to come along to save them from their woes so they can […]

Five Important Lessons to Pass on to your Children

When I was growing up there were fire drills not lockdowns, fists not knives, playground bullying ended at the school gate, divorce was rare, students had less money, there were no mobile phones or internet and drugs and alcohol were prevalent but the harder drugs weren’t so readily available. Although the average teenager has more […]

Silent Tears #2

William Adolphe Bouguereau - Song of the Angels (1881)

“The Angels are here now …”   The clock illuminated 2:30am, “the Angels are here now” he repeated. He was sleeping next to his sister and the angels had come to see them. Was it because for the last two days I could see a sort of sullen return to her eyes again, the kind […]

Wake Up Call

wake up call

My middle of the night wake-up call to nurse our eight-month old usually comes around 3:30. It’s never loud or shrill, just a little cry out to let me know a little milk and a cuddle is in order. I tie back my hair, put on my glasses and snuggly robe and pad to the […]