Making Things Out Of Concrete

Cement Vase

Yep! I want to make things out of concrete. As I started to research what types of products would work well for these projects, I found a YouTube video by a certain Ben Uyeda. Ben runs a very interesting website called HomeMade Modern. I am sure you will appreciate what he has to share!

Ring My Chimes!

Chime Closeup

In 2014, I want to build things using re-purposed materials. It will nourish the creative side of me and hopefully lead to some very nice gifts. What kinds of things? Things like wind chimes for example. But to make really great chimes, I needed lots of information. Enter Lee Hite and his amazing web site, “An Engineering Approach to Tubular Bell Wind Chime Design”.

Life As A Human Likes…5


Life As A Human Likes is a weekly feature of fascinating, enlightening, fun or perhaps just odd blogs and websites that enliven the experience of being human. This week, we feature ways to change your consciousness, news that huffs and puffs, and heroes who save the whales.

Life As A Human Likes…4

Anxiety Culture

This week, Life As A Human Likes features ways to alleviate the anxiety of modern living: a website with anxiety cures, an inspiring project in India that speaks to the heart, and a great website for book lovers because reading can help us get centered and de-stress.