The Show Goes On


When the crowd goes home, and the lights turn out
When the applause is all gone, but the show goes on

I change into my dress, my everyday mask
And paste it on my sorrow-filled crest

When you see no tears, and suppose I haven’t cried
You would never know that I have blazed and burnt inside

I know catastrophes, I see them everyday
I see them burning, and churning and throwing things away

You say you can’t hide, the tears inside
And here I am all stoned and dried

There is blood in my veins, no, not yet dead
Blue blood, clotted blood, iced blood gushing in my head

Clatter and batter and cheers and zeal
That’s the show, the show you see

Of horsemen, prince charmings and dreams come true
There are no fairy tales, they are lies, that lie in due

I should swirl, and spin and dance all about
Because that’s how it’s scripted, and the show must go on

Photo credit:

Mask via Microsoft Office Clipart Images

Guest Author Bio

Haania Khan
1329798335_normal A sparky teen who likes to put her heart out only on paper.




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