Hippie Lessons #2: To Live in Peace One Must be Peaceful


As the child of hippies living on a boat in Vancouver in the heart of the 60s, Christopher Holt learned a lot of his lessons and values from the hippie culture. As he explores in Hippie Lessons, most of those lessons and values are still valid — and more needed than ever.

Afghanistan Calling Part 3: Hostile Zone, Twilight Zone

Kabul Crewhouse

When I arrived in Kabul on August 6, after travelling about 24 hours, I was met at the airport by the other crew, and was then told about the suicide bomber in the yellow Toyota, the theft of the police uniforms, and about a scheduled flight the next morning — in 11 hours — to fly south to a Forward Operating Base (FOB) 65 miles northeast of Kandahar to take photographs of a bridge along the highway…

Afghanistan Calling Part 2: Flying in a Hostile Environment

Green Acres

Allan Cram had his assignment in Afghanistan: “to overfly some of the most perilous terrain in the world, where kidnap victims had little hope of being released alive, where Taliban extremists believed math should be taught to Afghan boys not by the adding or subtracting of apples and oranges, but by counting bullets and AK-47s.”