A Day Well Spent

Mahjong Tiles and DiceMy mother Grace is in her 83rd year and it would be completely understandable and deserved, if at this age, she chose to spend her days relaxing, napping, or reading for hours.  And, while she does spend some time doing all three, much of her time is spent truly ‘living’; a rich life filled with family, friends, daily activities and evening social events, and opportunities to learn something new.

In the past few weeks, she has:

  •     Taken a lesson in self massage, played Chinese Mahjong, cleared out closets for charity
  •     Collected the tickets at the local cinema, read books, and watched TV
  •     Run errands, grocery shopped, banked, and attended a 50th and a 90th birthday party
  •     Had her monthly massage, line danced, bought some new clothes
  •     Cut her hair, paid her bills, washed some dishes, spent time at the library
  •     Said hello to a new baby at her Dedication and said goodbye at three funerals
  •     Baked her famous scones, written cards, read emails, and sipped coffee with friends
  •     Enjoyed a reflexology treatment, made dessert, and worked in the garden
  •     Played with her seven year old granddaughter and Skyped her grandsons in Sweden
  •     Made us laugh, told us stories and shared her wisdom

My mother has been doing what she has always done; making the very best of every day. She is under no illusions; she recognizes we are all here for a limited time.  She doesn’t take life for granted: she cashes in her reward points right away, buys only ripe bananas, doesn’t waste time, and says yes more often than no.  She is all about the quality of time spent, not the number of years present.

I have been sharing my heart with Grace for over 51 years and a home for more than 17 and I feel lucky to have learned so many lessons.

When I come to the end and look back, I hope, like Grace, that I too will be able to say “this has been a day well spent and a life well lived.” 


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Linda Hunter
Linda2Linda Hunter is an independent writer and event planner, who is dedicated to service and open to possibility. She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island, where she gratefully shares her heart, her table and her home with her husband, three grown children, and her mother, Grace.

With over 30 years of experience in Writing, Conference & Event Management, and Community Service, Linda is a passionate and authentic individual who is committed to being her very best self at work, at home, and in her community. Her first book, “An Unforgettable After-Grad” was published in 2010 and she is currently writing her second book “Living with Grace”. She lives by the motto “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” coined by Winston Churchill.

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