Casting Couch

“I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re beautiful.
Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” ~ Andy Warhol


Sit on my chair, legs crossed,

arms out, sofa shout,

how good are you, do you drink cocktails at

the Buddha Bar,

so I am good enough to sleep with

not good enough to play with,

sit on my chair with arms crossed,

lets out, don’t shout,

photos out, lasting sights of too much revolving anger on stand up mics,

so, I am good enough to sleep with, not good enough to play with

at the Buddha Bar,

cocktails, pills and baby you don’t know where you think you’re going to go, snow, ground up blue bells on sanctioned play grounds,

and so, I am good enough to sleep with, not good enough to play with

at the Buddha Bar.




Photo Credit

Photo By Melinda Cochrane – All Rights Reserved

Guest Author Bio

Melinda Cochrane
Melinda Cochrane was raised in Newfoundland. She graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. She teaches at Beaconsfield high school on the west island. Her first publication was with ditch poetry and The Stray Branch literary magazine with work recently published with Backalong books in “The art of poetic inquiry. She’s published in online magazines such as, Life As A Human, Young Men’s Perspective Magazine, and Shannon Grissom’s magazine. Melinda has recently received the Mary Belle Campbell scholarship for poetry from the North Carolina Writers Network. Her collection of poetry called “The Man Who Stole Father’s Boat”, also with Backalong Books, is one of hope and encouragement for all those living in the social welfare system

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