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Life is generally thought of in terms of gain, not loss. Gaining a diploma, a job, a spouse, children, a house, a car or two, and toys is fun and fulfilling. Loss is a negative conception; unhappiness blooms and grows from loss of a job, money, spouse, etc. Without loss however, there is no gain. Lose money and realize it’s better than loss of health. Lose a spouse and know that love can arrive by many roads and be stronger than the first love. Lose a house, a job, a car, and realize that happiness can grow under many roofs, and jobs are there for anyone willing to walk or ride a bike to them. Lose a friend or two, and come to know yourself as your best friend. Lose your heart and faith, and gain a void where new faith, and a new heart can grow.

A teen I once knew well, idealistically pure and clear, saw this before I did. When I was sixteen I knew that a person could lose everything, and still live. Lose a stomach, gain mobility, and see those feet which took you on journeys before now, and can take you on adventures still.


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Gigi Wolf
gigi wolf While being a gainfully employed substitute teacher, learning how not to lose her temper, and waiting for a credentialed position, I also write for my blog, and am working on a little book about living in Australia in the sixties. It seems I’m always waiting to achieve the pinnacle of some lofty goal, and wondering if that’s a good thing. I guess it is; you don’t want to quit reading before you find out what the ending of your own book will be. I’ve earned my Master’s degree and gained debt; I’m in a great relationship but mourn my singlehood sometimes; I’ve got all the things I need and wish I didn’t have to spend so much time taking care of them. And so it goes-

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