Tarmac Meditations #75: Interval Training

Went out earlier today. I walked 30 minutes on account of coach said so. Afterwards Merlin and I did a minute run, a minute walk, on the track, and finished by walking the quarter mile. Then we did it again. A kind of interval work out except not really since intervals generally include running faster and recovering in sets of four or five repeats. In this case we ran very slowly, my doing, walked even more slowly, complained a little, clearly my doing. Then did it again.

Trackwork #8Two repeats do not an interval session make. Maybe two repeats imply intervals but interval training it ain’t. To call it intervals is possibly correct in “Lit” class but pure heresy in the shadow of Hayward Field – not seen in this photo – home to more legends in track and field than any place in these good ol’ United States. But it sure felt like running when the running was happening. Then, later, when I locked my keys in the car I blamed it on oxygen debt, not advancing age. Clever that…

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