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She always wrote about love, because love eluded her. It was the enchanted sword that killed fierce dragons. The magic that broke all wicked spells. The remedy for the sick and dying. Love was ‘hope’ after everything was lost.

The Simple Path To Romance

Simple Path To Romance

What are the first things you think of when the word “romance” is mentioned? You may think of moonlit walks on the beach, getting gifts of jewelry, receiving roses and candy, intimate dinners at exclusive restaurants, or making love while listening to sensual music. Of course, all of these affairs can be romantic, but romance […]

Failed Relationships


I think a lot of people are secretly in love with failure. We know that having a stash of traumatic, broken romances to trot out amongst friends and colleagues is often instant cache. Even more so if the stories include a current one. A train already off the tracks, but which has not quite reached […]

Flaw Finding as Self Protection in Modern Dating

Flaw Finding as Self Protection in Modern Dating

I have noticed a common theme cropping up in discussions about relationships, and it’s fairly paradoxical, which is why I find it so curious. A lot of folks these day have become very good at finding flaws. Flaws in those they are going on dates with. Flaws in themselves. Flaws in the relationship they currently […]

Pucker Up Canada!

Kissing th

It’s Valentine’s Day. Love and lust are warming the air with lilts of dark chocolate and whispers of expensive champagne. Can kissing be very far behind? Today is the launch day of the Canada Kiss Map, an inspired creation of writer, creative process facilitator, and my friend, Chris Fraser. As big brilliant ideas often begin, […]

Where is the Love?


Love. Many of us love to be in love, and yet how often do we actually love each other well? What’s interesting to me is how humans struggle to exude love on the macro-level – loving all of creation as a manifestation of the divine – and also struggle to be accurate with our labeling […]

The 80-20 Rule

Nathan Thompson

I’m not a believer that our thoughts alone make our lives. That’s way too simple in my view. However, I do believe that how we think about ourselves does have an impact. Sometimes a strong one, and sometimes much more subtly. If internally you feel some desperation to find a partner, and some loathing of being single, others will pick up on that. If you don’t feel passionate about different aspects of your life, that will be fairly obvious to others.