Finding Your True Self Worth

self portrait I

When I was younger, I tied most of my “self-worth” to how others viewed me. Again, this is probably pretty commonplace, but I’m starting to think most of us lie to ourselves as “mature adults” by saying that we outgrew that phase in our lives. Have you? Are you sure?

Seizing the Seasons

When Seasons Collide

Spring comes to our identities. And so does winter. I once taught in English classrooms; now I do not. I once was afraid of public speaking; now I do it all the time. But being in this movement between the seasons is easier said than done.

Marketing the Self

Many aspects of self

The human tendency to self cherish is the main dish in life. Humans have been eating it, probably since the beginning of our species. In addition to the main dish is a set of side dishes called consumerism, capitalism, and commodification.