Marketing Ourselves

Self Love tattoo

The human tendency to self cherish is the main dish of our existence. Humans have been eating it up, probably since the beginning of our species. In addition to the main dish is a set of side dishes called consumerism, capitalism, and commodification. Ever seductive, they add endless flavors and textures onto the main dish. I suppose it might be the case that plain old self cherishing gets kind of dull after awhile. It’s so much more exciting to be the hot, new product on the block. Or the respected, reliable old one.

The Zen of Spring

Drops of spring

Many years, we here in Minnesota are still being swallowed up by winter clouds. This year, not so much. All around, the trees are budding. The lingering snow and ice is melting. And the air is filling with the songs of returning birds.

Gratitude Solves All Problems


“Gratitude solves all problems.” I think this is a perfect way to describe tapping into the universal energy that flows through everything all the time. That “place” where it is all perfectly okay right now, regardless of the difficulties of current conditions.