Minute to Freedom #98: Easily Discouraged

Today let’s talk about being easily discouraged.

Has it ever felt like you give up easily when something doesn’t seem to be working out?

Minute to Freedom #98: Easily Discouraged

I have had that tendency, and discovered that it was connected to being put down or humiliated when I successfully completed a project as a child. At age 14, I published 5 poems in my junior high literary magazine, and I was thrilled about it. I showed the magazine to my Dad, who said “poems, you little snot, you’ll never amount to anything.” Wow! If that won’t discourage you from trying, I don’t know what will. I gave up writing poetry until I was 36 years old because of that statement – what a loss! I had to work on overcoming those old messages so I could be more free to discover the joy of accomplishing the things I set out to do.

Have you ever been easily discouraged?


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