A Passion for Bending and Twisting

This was my first piece of metal art.  The one that started my passion for metal sculpture.  I have not stopped since. Now my house is so full I am running out of room for my family.

My First Piece

This creation was one my earlier ones. I was so excited when I finished I started dancing around my shop.  It is still one of my favorites even today.  It makes me laugh!  This is the piece that encouraged me to press forward and dream up new ideas, now i can’t stop.  How fun is that, to dream up anything and craft it into reality.

Party Ant

The feeling of being able to cut bend and twist metal any way i need it to go is wonderful but making people smile and laugh is an even greater reward.

King of the Pond

Image Credits

All Images Are © Dan Iocchelli

Dan Iocchelli Artist Bio

100_4871Dan Iocchelli is a Vancouver Island Artist who grew up in Pipestone, a small Alberta town where he helped run the family farm.  After graduating from high school he attended NAIT, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Alberta where he received his welding education.  He spent a few years working in the fields of Alberta before settling down in Victoria B.C.   Dan is still a ‘Welder by Day’ but now he’s also an ‘Artist by Night’.

Blog / Website:  Danzone Metal Art



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