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Intellect is one of the most valued things we as human beings have. We put our most intelligent on the front lines with high hopes of them representing us all equally.

People pay tens of thousands of dollars to climb the ladder of society through an education system that provides people of above average IQs with a sense of self satisfaction.

Sure, some of these people go on to change the world with critical thinking and general know-how, but are they the only ones capable of such epiphanies? Could it not be said that people who are of a lesser education level or intelligence quotient may be able to look at problems with a fresh set of eyes and provide a potential fix or building blocks towards a solution?

With that in mind I would like to welcome you to evaluate the performance of our world leaders. I’m not saying I would want an idiot in the White House or Parliament, but it would be nice to see somebody in an elite position of power who has more than a basic understanding of the struggles of the less fortunate.

If money provides education and education provides money, it is simple to see that there are powerful minds going to waste. The world and its many inhabitants are suffering many afflictions right now, i.e. global warming, economic crisis and disease. We need all the help we can get.

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Adrian Ford
charity-rocks My name is Adrian Ford and I am your average run of the mill 23 year old human being. I get up at 5:00 a.m. and put my work boots on 5 days a week. On my off time I write songs with the help of my first and only guitar. I enjoy spending time outdoors and having intelligent conversations.


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  1. avatarElizabeth says

    Jane is obviously missing the point being made here (that we should all work together and respect intellect, fresh ideas, and powerful minds, regardless of formal education credentials). She is, however, succeeding in coming off as the same self-satisfied “better than you” academic type that was alluded to in the article. She did exactly what he requested people not do, immediately discriminate and assume he is an idiot/or “makes less money” based on the fact that he *might* not have attended post-secondary. He puts on work boots at 5 am and goes to work? So do I, with my two degrees, and consult for a massive international mining company. What does that make me?

    Not an entitled nutsack, that’s for sure.

  2. avatarJane says

    I feel as though you’re missing the point of a higher education. I have little money, live off of student loans, but I’ll be damned if someone says that people with a high school education can do the same things. University teaches critical thinking skills, allowing you to look at all sides of a problem before tackling it. It also teaches practical skills that will allow you to get a better job that doesn’t require you to get up a 5 am every morning to go to work. For myself, that’s a big thing. With my degree in a couple of years, I’ll be tackling important environmental issues, making this planet a better place, developing alternative energy sources or maybe tackling urban farming issues. All of this, making more money that you, while you keep waking up at 5 am doing the same drudgery day after day.

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