What is the Purpose of Life?

Every one of us has pondered the purpose of life; why we are born, why we struggle, and what happens after we die. If we fail to dig deeper, life will not make sense, it will have no meaning. Are we just tiny meaningless entities in the universe who die and then are recycled into the earth without leaving a trace?

I believe that there is a greater plan for everything that has or will ever exist. As in many other instances of analysis we must always look at the bigger picture. Over time I have taken aspects of others’ theories and put them together. Now I will share my perspective and paint that picture for you.

The concepts I share have been supported by a wide variety of credible sources, more than I could begin to cite in this article. I have been enlightened by the opinions of others, but I do not give credence to their theories simply because they have affirmed their beliefs. I give credence to their theories because, after much contemplation, they make sense to me.

Many people have had glimpses into the after-life, but ultimately the purpose of life is a mystery that cannot be fully comprehended until we pass from this earth and experience what comes next for us.

I believe that we are the physical manifestation of evolving souls—spiritual beings living a human experience. Our souls progress through what we experience while in our physical bodies. Those progressions take us through a series of spiritual growth levels—the ultimate goal being convergence with the infinite light.

In its search for growth every soul incarnates at least one time to experience life. Some souls choose to repeatedly come back to earth school.

Before incarnating we outline the lessons our souls need to experience for their ongoing spiritual evolutions. We contract with other souls to share cooperative physical journeys; they assist us and we assist them in our learning processes.

Our soul’s primary focus is the facilitation of its spiritual growth. We come here to work things out; to grow through challenges and rise above adversity.

The more difficult the challenges faced in the physical world are and the more hurdles are jumped, the more rapid one’s spiritual growth will be. Though adversity involves suffering and hardship and is certainly undesirable, it is only a catalyst put before us to help us grow.

There is no suffering or adversity in the blissful, spiritual realm, the home where we spend most of eternity. Because we make the decision to face adversity while existing in a place of serenity and cannot remember how incredibly difficult life as a human may be, our souls may sometimes take on extremely difficult challenges.

Though the goal is to rise above our challenges, sometimes they are humanly insurmountable, but the effort put forth to overcome them is never wasted.

Whether acknowledged on a conscious or subconscious level, we all know that our mission in life is personal growth. We came here fully intending to experience, learn, and grow as much as possible. We fulfill those intentions through adversity.

Though our outline for living was pre-planned, everyone has free will in life. We are all free to choose our experiences and we are all free to assign whatever perceptions we wish to attach to them.

Each of us has come here on an important mission that only we can fulfill. Though we exist in a world of people and develop many relationships along the way, our soul is essentially alone on its earthly journey. It serves us well to push through the obstacles that are placed before us.

Life does not end here. It is merely a brief segment of our eternal lives, just as schooling is only a portion of our human lives. It is to our advantage to learn, achieve, and grow, despite the adversity we experience.

So what do I believe our life purpose is? I believe our purpose is to love, learn and experience as much as possible so that we may fulfill our mission of further enlightening our souls. I further believe that our purpose is to grow through the many challenges we face while knowing that life as we know it is very temporary.

If you ever find yourself questioning your purpose in life you may want to refer back to this article. It offers the reminder that you are an eternal being and your purpose is greater than you can ever fathom.


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