Minute to Freedom #63: Not Being A Scapegoat

Today let’s talk about not being a scapegoat.

Have you ever found yourself taking on the blame for events in your world?

Somehow becoming the focus of bad outcomes? I had that happen a lot, and discovered that, as a teenager, I had learned to be a scapegoat in my alcoholic family. I became the lightning rod for my Dad’s anger, and it continued into my adult world. Sometimes I would point to the problem no one wanted to see, and instead of looking at that, people would find fault with me. When the boss doesn’t want to hear how ineffective his business practices are, it’s sometimes easier to get rid of the person pointing out what he’s doing wrong. It has taken a lot of work to begin overcoming that trait, but it has allowed me greater freedom not to create chaos in my world.

Have you ever found yourself being unfairly blamed as the cause of bad events?


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Dan L. Hays offers encouragement for adult children of alcoholics.
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