Minute to Freedom #28: Helping Others

Today let’s talk about helping others.

 Have you ever felt like you just weren’t being useful?

That your problems were so overwhelming that they became your whole world? I have felt like that. Yet there’s a great deal of truth in that old saying, “you don’t get it until you give it away.” There’s a lot of validity in helping others. Not by neglecting myself in the process, but in helping me get the lesson. I listened to a man who was working on job sabotage issues, and as I shared with him my similar experiences, I better understood what I had been doing. When I help someone else work through an issue, maybe just by listening, I seem to understand that issue better, and get closer to solving it for myself. And sometimes my problems don’t seem so bad when I’ve heard about what someone else is going through.

Have you ever found perspective for your problems by helping others?


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