Minute to Freedom #26: Being Self Critical

Today let’s talk about being self critical.

 Has it ever felt like you were being too critical of yourself?

That whatever you did, it wasn’t good enough? If I got a 98 on a test, I beat myself up over the 2 I missed rather than feeling good about the high score. I did that to myself a lot, and I discovered it was something I had learned growing up in an alcoholic family. If I accomplished something worthwhile like winning a prize in a speech contest, my Dad found a way to put down what I had done. As an adult I had replaced the critical Dad – in my head – and did to myself what he once did to me. As I learned to hear that critical voice and replace it with a more appropriate and loving voice, my life became much more balanced.

Have you ever judged yourself too harshly?


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Dan L. Hays offers encouragement for adult children of alcoholics.
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