Minute to Freedom #23: Unresolved Grief

Today let’s talk about unresolved grief.

Have you ever gotten upset at something happening today, but you are more upset or sad than seems reasonable for the current event?

I experienced that a number of times, and discovered I was tapping into unresolved grief. I would break up with a woman I had dated only briefly, and become inconsolably sad about it. Long after we broke up, I would feel a hurt deep down in my soul at the thought of the woman not wanting me, and it pained me to even think about her. I was told that I was not only grieving that relationship, but all the other ones I had never grieved before. As I began to release those feelings from the past, I was more able to respond to the events of today, and not be plunged into that deep well of old feelings.

Have you ever felt like you were sad about more than today’s events?


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