Divine Truths

I used to be so focused on healing myself. With healing came freedom, a new me, a better life, peace, comfort and safety. Now I’m beginning to realize that all of those qualities have less to do with healing and more to do with my simply accepting them as I move through this journey called life.

Divine light

As part of my conversations with “God”, I’ve come to realize that I have the power to grant myself freedom, growth, peace, comfort, safety and the life of my dreams. I’ve had that power all along. I just hadn’t chosen to see myself in that role.

I think that’s one of the things that happens to many victims of abuse. We move from being our empowered selves to a place of limited potential. We forget our true nature. In our beliefs born of childhood, we are powerless to control the moments in our lives, much less our destinies.

When we forget the truth about ourselves, and our power as creators of our own lives – we lose the most important aspect of our healing ability. We forget our divine selves.

God has reminded me that each and every one of us is part of a Divine plan – and you can certainly define “Divine” however you choose.

We are not random acts of nature. Something about us is here for a reason – regardless of what you believe about our source. We are each empowered to choose our lives and our destiny. And we victims of abuse have the same choice – we simply tend to forget the choice.

We can choose to dwell on the ‘truth’ of the horrors inflicted on us. But remember, even as we focus on shedding them, releasing the anger, crying out the pain, reliving the feelings – we empower them even more, to control our lives, to determine our futures.

We can also choose to let those horrors go, once and for all. We can choose to give the past abuses to God (or the Universe, Source, or whoever you want as your Higher Power). We can choose to hand over the pain and suffering forever, fill ourselves with love and step forward into our rightful Divine power. We can stop focusing on the past and instead pay attention to the truth of why we are here – turn our faces to our future, and release our past.

Everything that happens on life’s journey can be seen as an opportunity for growth if we choose to remember our most important truth: we are Divine Beings, empowered by God with the ability to thrive no matter what our circumstance – when we choose to thrive.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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