Affordable Luxury At An Airport Hostelry?

Frequent travellers know the sensation of checking into yet another rundown airport hotel, staring out the window at parking lots, seedy industrial areas and wondering what the funny stain is on the bed cover. Well, if you are travelling through Halifax and have to overnight near Halifax Stanfield International Airport, check out the Briarwood B&B.


Built around 1862 by Presbyterian minister John Cameron, the Briarwood gives guests luxury at moderate prices. Best of all it’s tucked away in quiet manicured gardens where the only thing likely to disturb you at night are the deer that wander onto the grounds. You’ll find it difficult to believe you are a few minutes from a large international airport.


Your hosts, Constantin and Rose Seitl provide an immaculate, warm and comfortable experience for guests. No doubt the taste for fine living comes down from Con’s ancestors, Austro-Hungarian nobility who knew how to live well.

dining room

As you approach the Victorian home you see the verandah where Reverend Cameron used to practice his Sunday sermons. A fire-and-brimstone type he cleaned up the profane miners and lumberjacks who lived in the area in the early 1800’s when he first moved to the area. The good reverend permanently endeared himself to his parishioners when he tapped into medical training he had received in university and saved them from a diphtheria epidemic.

The Briarwood B&B

The Briarwood is not only a great place to overnight en route elsewhere, but a great base of operations to see Nova Scotia. Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital is a forty minute drive away, as are the world’s highest tides on the Bay of Fundy and the opportunity to ride them in Zodiac rafts. They also hosted a great Christmas Party for our office gang.


Coming to Nova Scotia? Check out the Briarwood B&B.


The Briarwood B&B
Toll Free: 1-888-883-1868


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