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“A life lived consciously and virtuously ripples and reverberates eternal. Such is the legacy of the unsung hero.”

“Strive each day to be better than the day before, focusing not on perfection but evolution.”

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“It is during challenging times that we find out what we are made of—for that is when we discover the power of our spirit.”

“How we think is what we get, and gratitude is the key.”

“To find inspiration we need only look within.”

“Whether by action or spoken word, parents are the implements that write the story of a child’s future.”

“The most difficult people in our lives end up being our greatest teachers. Think of the oyster…without the irritating grain of sand there would be no pearl.”

“What others think or say about us does not matter. What matters is that we always stay true to ourselves.”

“Thank you Guardian Angels for allowing me to stumble but never letting me fall.”

“The more we understand the less we fear. The less we fear the more we love. And the more we love the further we progress our souls.”

“Our interpretation of life becomes our reality of life.”

“God does not punish us. God does not sit around keeping score and then doling out karma. We are the sole creators of our life experience.”

“The one constant in life, the one thing we can always count on, is that everything changes. There is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.”

“Feeling pain means feeling human. By allowing ourselves to feel we become stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to manage adversity.”

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“An experience that did not turn out the way you’d hoped it would is just an experience that turned out the way it was meant to.”

“Spread seeds of love wherever you go and with whomever you interact, and then watch them grow.”

“The root of all love is selflessness.”

“Miracles happen, anything is possible, never say never.”

“Spirituality is our inner growth and its outward projection.”

“We cannot let go of old pain unless we are willing to remove the badge we proudly wear that says, ‘I’ve been hurt and am entitled to suffer.”

“Paint the most beautiful picture possible while you are here so you can someday gaze upon it from heaven with pride.”

“You are a unique package of thoughts, perspectives, tastes, and talents. No one has, is, or will ever be like you.”

“May you be blessed with the comforts you require and the abundance you desire.”

“Self-awareness requires courage. The hardest person you will ever have to face is the one reflected back to you in the mirror.”

“Fill your own well with love so that others may drink from it.”

“Self love does not lessen our ability to love others—it increases it. The more love we have within the more love we have to give out.”

“Our life’s path is revealed to us by spiritual guideposts. They mark the way and lead us to our soul’s ultimate purpose.”

“As the flower blossoms, so does the child. Stages of childhood are like petals opening one by one, revealing their inner beauty and complexity.”

“Take no credit for the words of wisdom and inspiration you speak, for they have come from a spiritual place that has entrusted you to share them with others and bring light to the world.”

“Letting go does not mean becoming emotionless in regard to a traumatic event. It means giving up the suffering associated with the emotions in regard to a painful event.”

“If you are living your life to please others you are wasting precious moments—there is a beginning and an end to the pleasure you can offer. Instead love yourself first and then spread that love to others without any expectations of how it will be received or reciprocated. Love is an eternal ripple in the sea of life. It has no beginning and it has no end…it just is.”

“The road to destiny is long and winding. Be sure to stop and savor the view as you ramble along the way.”

“It is with your actions not your words that you show others how much you love them—for love is as love does.”

“Faith brings comfort and reliability. It gives us the will and determination to live, because we know in our heart and soul that life has meaning.”

“Know that the Universe has perfect timing. Everything happens when it is supposed to, not because you want it to. Honoring that universal truth will help ease the challenges of your Earthly journey.”

“Happiness comes from living in the present, moment to moment. Fulfillment comes from the process of getting there.”

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“True love can only grow in the soil of respect and acceptance of the individuality of ourselves and others.”

“Love is about making the other person laugh when they want to cry, or crying right along with them. It is about holding them and telling them that everything will be okay, even when you are not sure it will be.”

“It is said that only the bravest souls choose to come to Earth School. Know that you are here because your spirit is highly motivated and remarkably courageous. The next time you question your purpose, remind yourself that you are an eternal being and your purpose is far greater than you can ever fathom.”

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“No two souls seek the same experience and no two people share the same reality. Those who enter our lives are there to assist us in our learning process, just as we are there to assist others in theirs. Our lives are ours to live—no one can tell us how to do that. We must respect that about ourselves and each other.”

“The future may be fearful or alluring—it’s all in the perspective you choose. Do not let the hurdles in your life extinguish the flames of your passions, dreams, and heart’s desires.”


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    Reading this article i feel its all about me and my life ,now i got more confident and courage to meet my challenges to help others and make better universe

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