Dogs – The Best Friend We Hardly Know

Paleo Dog

There are thousands of dog trainers out there working with dogs. But there are also scientists hard at work discovering more about canine genetics, biology, behaviour, and cognition. What a wonderful thing it is when you can bring both of those worlds together. Imagine what we can learn!

Dog Signals


Our dogs learn what we mean by “right” and “wrong” because we teach them our signals. But could we be teaching them more than we realize? Maybe we could be using more signals to improve our communication and our lives with our dogs.

Helping Your Dog Get It Right


Our dogs will sometimes get it wrong when we are training with them. How we deal with those mistakes determines not only how fast they learn the behaviour but also their attitude about working with us. Should we focus on getting the results we want or helping our dog get it right?

Dogs In The Crossfire


Training a dog is not as simple as it used to be. The current debates raging in the dog world show that quite clearly. Is it more important to be right than to help the dogs? Some trainers seem to think so.

Silly Dogs, Happy Dogs


One of the great joys of dogs is their silly nature. Shouldn’t we encourage that side of our dogs rather than saying “No!” when they get a little goofy? There’s nothing quite as much fun as being silly with our dogs. And we can do it safely.

Is It Me or Is It The Dog?


Most dog owners are proud of their dogs when they are behaving themselves. But it never seems to amaze me how often dog owners blame their dogs for their own fails as trainers. Is it the owner or is it the dog? I’m pretty sure I know who is at fault.