Shelter Dog Heroes


Each year thousands of dogs are surrendered to shelters and rescue organizations around the world. It’s a shame that this happens but I am thankful for the thousands of staff and volunteers at shelters and rescue organizations that take in, care for, rehabilitate, and hopefully re-home these dogs. It is an incredibly difficult job but things are getting better for shelter workers. They are having more success than ever before and that’s good for the dogs!

Over Under Dogs


All dogs have their limits. Some are good and some are bad. Things can be too scary. Things can be not interesting enough. And other things are just right for our dogs. If we learn to see and understand our dog’s “thresholds” for their various responses to things, it can open up a whole new world of opportunities to help them learn.

Training Dogs In Your Head – A Rant

Eric Brad

The Internet has provided a lot of places for dog people to gather and talk about their favourite subject – dogs! But do our hypothetical discussions of “what-if” dog training do us any good without trying it out on real dogs? I’m not so sure it’s good for either us or the dogs.

Born Again Dog Trainers


Dog people can be passionate. Coming to a new and deeper understanding of dogs and training can be a profound experience. If we are careful, our advocacy for working with dogs becomes a dogma. It’s important to focus on doing better for our dogs and not get hung up on all the “wrong” ways of working with dogs.

Dog Simple


Dogs are both wonderfully simple creatures and yet very capable of learning very complex behaviours and concepts. But do we sometimes expect more of them than we should? They don’t think like humans even though the seem to understand us very well. Sometimes it’s best to break things down for them and keep it “Dog Simple.”

Top Dogs: The Importance of Winning


We don’t usually think of training our dogs in terms of winning and losing. But I think our dogs do. No one wants to be on a losing team so it’s important to give our dogs enough success to help them feel like winners. It could mean the world to them.

Three Dogs On A Hill

Running savages

Play is something all dogs need. But we can learn a lot about our dogs by just observing. In our past, we used to do a lot to control how our dogs play. It turns out that they have taught us a great deal when we just let them be dogs and play!