Dog Simple


Dogs are both wonderfully simple creatures and yet very capable of learning very complex behaviours and concepts. But do we sometimes expect more of them than we should? They don’t think like humans even though the seem to understand us very well. Sometimes it’s best to break things down for them and keep it “Dog Simple.”

Top Dogs: The Importance of Winning


We don’t usually think of training our dogs in terms of winning and losing. But I think our dogs do. No one wants to be on a losing team so it’s important to give our dogs enough success to help them feel like winners. It could mean the world to them.

Three Dogs On A Hill

Running savages

Play is something all dogs need. But we can learn a lot about our dogs by just observing. In our past, we used to do a lot to control how our dogs play. It turns out that they have taught us a great deal when we just let them be dogs and play!

The Dog Whisperer Is No Longer Relevant

TV Trainers

The Dog Whisperer television program has become a part of our cultural fabric in the early 21st century. But divisive debate and harsh rhetoric has transformed it from a program designed for entertainment into a lightning rod for controversy over differing approaches to living and working with dogs. Perhaps the time has come to put The Dog Whisperer back into perspective and see it for what it was always intended to be.

Dealing With Demanding Dogs


Our dogs can be pretty demanding. Our efforts to just get them to leave us alone and stop nagging might seem to work at the time but they may be working against us. Do we actually create the demanding dogs that drive us crazy?

My Imperfect Dog

Wet Tira

Some dog trainers might say my dog isn’t perfect. She doesn’t always come when called. She can sometimes take a little too long to sit when I ask. She pulls on her leash on walks. But for all of her imperfections, she is perfectly Tiramisu – the dog I trained and love. Maybe “perfect” isn’t really what I wanted in a dog at all.

Dogs Beyond Reason


There is much to consider about dogs. And we have been considering them for centuries. For all of our logic and reason, we have been very wrong about dogs on some pretty basic levels. As we continue to learn about dogs, our beliefs about them have to change too. They cannot be what we want them to be because we reason it so. They are who they are.

Travelling With Dogs – Notes from the Road

All Packed

Having recently returned from our 2 week road trip with our dogs, here are a few thoughts on how we handle things with our dogs while we are on the road. All of the preparation and training helps, but you have to plan accordingly and make sure you take care of your dogs along the way!