Gadding Around Guysborough

Welcome To Guysborough

Nova Scotia never stops astounding me. On a recent excursion up the province’s Eastern Shore I stopped at Halfway Cove to enjoy the view and then noticed a granite monument commemorating the 1398 visit to the area by Scottish Prince Henry Sinclair!

The Burden Mansion

The Burden Mansion

The ballroom is surrounded by 12 foot mirrors inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and the entire interior is intricately decorated with details such as gold leaf accents on the walls, and marble parquetry floors.

Rob Roy Meets James Burden

Rob Roy

Here a desperate combat ensued with both men slightly wounded but neither gaining the advantage until Burden’s sword snapped off at the hilt. The Laird of Feddal “expecting to be instantly stabbed to the heart, sprang back and bared his chest to his foe.”