Silent Tears #1

Silent Tears

She sat in the passenger seat next to me, silent tears running down her beautiful cheeks and although I wanted her to tell me everything, I respected her silence. My 9 year old daughter had endured more than any 9 year old should have to endure.


My Luke at Petting Zoo with a dear goat

Hot topic of the week for some; hot topic of life for others. A bully is a regular person who has no one to share their feelings with. It is someone who feels so much pain that they feel the need to put it on others. Feeling small and powerless is no fun, and to […]

A Mother’s Wish

Florence - Michelangelo's statue of David

Eventually the “to do list” was done. I had to realize that Megan was going away for the first time, for more than a week, and she would be with people I didn’t know in countries that were foreign to me. My daughter was going to be quite literally on her own, far far from home.

Parenthood: A New Dad’s Perspective


In the Beginning. To truly understand this new dad’s perspective on parenthood, it’s necessary to go back almost a year. You need to understand how my wife and I went from planning for a child to being the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. The first time I was awakened at 3 a.m. by […]


baby furniature

From Urban Barn to Fisher Price…What happens when an established, hip couple with a smartly decorated home brings home the baby? Read what our guest author, Lara Perzoff, has to say about the gear, baby rotations and noise-making gadgets.

Love Thy Neighbour

Sad Boy

Sitting on my balcony, enjoying the beautiful crisp morning, my meditation was interrupted by the sound of yelling. It was a female voice. I opened my eyes and saw a young boy carrying a garbage bag running ahead of the yelling sound. Around the corner came the source of the shrill, angry voice. I heard […]