Making A Difference: Patricia Sims – CanazWest Pictures

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A Life As A Human Interview: As filmmaker and writer, Patricia has a passion for large-brained megafauna – from dolphins, to primates, to elephants. Her quest to portray the interrelationships between humans and animals has led her around the globe in pursuit of the issues that threaten these relationships. She is currently working on an advocacy film to raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants called “Elephants Never Forget.”

Positive Training – Beyond The Dogs


Let’s say you have a killer whale in your backyard. You would need a big tank for sure. Actually, you would probably need more than one. After all, how are you going to clean the tank with a killer whale in it? Ok, so you have your two big tanks and your pet killer whale and it’s time to clean one of his tanks. How are you going to get a 9 ton sea mammal out of one tank and into another? If this sounds like a ridiculous problem, it’s not. Zoos and marine animal parks deal with problems like this every day.

Returning Elephants To The Forest

Nong-Mai living free in the forest ©canazwest pictures inc.

For most of us in the Western world, the first time we would’ve seen an elephant was likely in a circus or a zoo. But what we were never told is how the elephant, a wild animal that roams the jungles and savannah of lands far away, got to be in the zoo or the circus in the first place. It’s time to return elephants to their natural role in the forest before it’s too late for the elephants and the forests. Join us on World Elephant Day August 12th to find out how.