A Company With A Sense Of Humor?

Herding Cats

If you have ever spent time with a project manager or have been one yourself, you may have heard these words. “When you work with a large group of people, keeping them on track can be like herding cats!” It’s always refreshing when you run into people or companies that can find some levity in […]

How To Use Your Binoculars To Watch The Night Sky

Steady Binoculars!

Soon, winter will be upon us and with it, some cool crisp nights featuring skies festooned with stars, planets and of course, our moon. For most of us, it’s a bit chilly to go out and set up a telescope. Binoculars to the rescue! If you have never looked at the night skies through a pair of steadily mounted binoculars, you really are missing something!

Are These Pumpkin Carvings For Real?

Horrifyingly good: Ray Villafane takes, on average, just two hours to carve one of his pumpkin sculptures, like this one entitled Shattered!

A few days ago, the good folks at StumbleUpon served this amazing story up to me and I thought I would share it with our readers. Apparently, Ray Villafane can carve petrifying pumpkin portraits in just two hours. These have to be seen to be believed and are truly remarkable! Read the whole story here […]