Manuel De Los Santos

Manuel De Los Santos

My excellent friend Dale P. sent this to me yesterday. After watching it, I knew I wanted to share it with our readers. I wondered what to say about this remarkable young man. I decided that the video and its write up are more than sufficient. I hope Manuel touches your heart as much as […]

The Amazing Quilter

Diane Rose The Amazing Quilter

“Vision-impaired with glaucoma all her life, Rose became blind as a result of an accident in 1984, a mere four days before she was to undergo a cornea transplant. Not only has that condition not slowed her down, Rose has used it to serve as a means to motivate others to achieve their true potential.” […]

Life As A Human Is One Year Old!

Happy Birthday To Life As A Human

On February 1st of last year, we crawled out onto the internet with a post that read: Life As A Human Has Begun! It seems like only yesterday that we said: ‘To our readers, today we have launched the site with seven articles. In the days, weeks and months to come, you will be introduced […]