Where have they all gone?



Where have they gone—
Beams of light that fold in air and rise again
That cast my shadows upon the wall
in distinct lengths and heights?

Where have they gone—
those sullen flames of a spark, a flick, a spur
that move and dance on molten wax
with symphonies from the moon and stars?

Where have they gone?
Where did they go?

And yet, in this still darkened air
should I ever know
if light is only missing
As I open my eyes and look
and see blankly at the blackness
and look boldly at the dark
and stare blindly at the abyss of the ocean ahead

Are we really sure,
only light is missing
only light is lost
only light is gone?
Am I the only one who wonders,
when darkness comes around?

Photo credit:

 via MorgueFile


Guest Author Bio

Janica Echavez

Janica Altea EchavezJanica Echavez is a current student finding her way in animation and art.

As a pastime, she writes and practices art.



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